How to Write the Best Stanford Admission Essays

by Jeremy Barlow

Tips to Help You Write the Stanford Admission Essays Perfectly

Every institution of higher learning requires students to apply in a specific manner. One of the critical features of an admission process is writing the admission essay. How well students write this determines if they are accepted or pass this stage of the admission process. Remember, the aim is to impress the admission committee since they are the people who will be reviewing the written pieces.

Ensuring that Your Admission Essay is Up to Standard

All essays have standard formats. However, different specifications make an essay stand out as different. This is what makes a descriptive essay differ from an argumentative one. To write a perfect admissions essay to Stanford, consider the following general tips.

• Have a unique start. Remember that you intend to capture the reader's attention and have them hooked immediately, they start reading your paper. This may mean that you find creative ways to start your essay. Some students have used questions and famous quotes, which worked out perfectly. However, one has to be careful not to misuse either strategy.

• Choose a bold statement as your starting point. If you are not going to use a question or a famous quote, come up with a bold statement. This is a perfect way to introduce yourself. After all, the student admission essay should paint a picture of who you are, what you believe in, and how expressive you can be.

• Be real and stand out. Make sure the reader feels that they are dealing with a real person and not a fake. Minimize using examples that appear fictional and impossible to attain. On the contrary, tell your story as it is, making sure to humor the reader if that is your thing.

• No one wants to read a boring essay. Only an excellent essay writer gets approvedOnce you remember this, you will go to great lengths to ensure that your essay is captivating and exciting. Always focus on standing out and being noticeable. When you come across an intellectual or a person who is sure of the subject they are talking about, you will easily impress the selection team.

• Focus on quality. Besides working on clarity and flow, your essay should be factual and correct. Counter check facts such as dates, page instructions, and styling. This is crucial, especially if you are seeking writing help. It would help if you were sure that all the instructions had been followed to the later. What's more, you only have one chance to do this, and it is better to do it right.

Have Different Angles

Once you are sure that the essay's basic aspects are in check, you should try to be a little different. Many people will expect you to follow a certain route like most students do. However, to easily impress the selection committee, take the big leap, and follow unchartered paths. If you do this correctly, you will earn massive bonus points to earn you an automatic entry into the school.

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